Looking for Semi-trail bike

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Looking for Semi-trail bike

Post by FelixCanada on Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:25 am

Hey everyone,

I'm a Canadian student currently studying in UTM near JB. I'm looking for a motorcycle in order to do a big bike trip around SE Asia. I'll be travelling a lot and for a long time so I need a bigger bike (250cc+) that can also go offroad part of the time. I'm looking for a semi-trail/enduro bike like a NX, KLE, Africa Twin or something like that. Unfortunately my budget is rather limited so I'm having big trouble finding something like that for the price I want... Back in Canada I could easily find a used KLE 500 for around 1500 CAD, which is around 4500RM. Seems like this is not possible here in Malaysia... My Budget would be around 8000RM, but if I could find something cheaper than that I would be very happy. Any Ideas Where I could find a bike like that? Any alternative I should seek?

I also was wondering about insurance, licence plate and registration process here in Malaysia. How is it done and how much does it cost? Also, am I going to have trouble at the borders around SE Asia with a Malaysian bike? Any tips on that?

Thank you guys I hope you can help me!

(for example, I found this near my hometown : kijiji.ca/v-moto-chopper/ville-de-montreal/kawasaki-klr-650-1999/1020530198?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true)

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