Kawasaki History

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Kawasaki History

Post by jagindas on Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:09 am

The 'Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.' (KHI) company was founded by Shozo Kawasaki (1837—1912) in 1896. The company started its life as a producer of heavy industrial equipment, Shipbuilding, tractors, and trains.

Kawasaki's 'Kawasaki Machine Industry' (aka "Kawasaki Aircraft Co., Ltd") division in Nishi-ku, Kobe, Japan, began as a manufacturer of fire extinguishing systems for aircraft fuel tanks, diversifying into a broad spectrum of products from medical gas pipeline systems to motorcycle engines.

Kawasaki Machine Industry began manufacturing motorcycle engines in 1953, with the development of the 'KE- 1' (Kawasaki Engine 1) motorcycle engine. The KE-1 was a 148cc single-cylinder OHV 4-stroke motor which produced 4 hp at 4,000 rpm.


Design of the KE- 1 motorcycle Engine is completed. (Kawasaki Machine Industry (the precursor to Kawasaki Aircraft Company), Takatsuki factory).
"Aircraft engineers" began the development of the KE (Kawasaki Engine) in 1949. Mass production starts in 1953.
The air-cooled, 148cc, OHV, 4-stroke Single has a maximum power of 4 PS at 4,000 rpm.

Production of the KB-5 Motorcycle Engine starts. (Kawasaki Aircraft Company, Kobe Plant).
Its responsive torque at low and mid rpm, and outstanding characteristics give it a good reputation among riders. For the next 10 years the KB-5 received a number of updates and provided the base for Kawasaki’s 125cc motorcycle engine.
In the same year, the Meihatsu 125-500 was released, equipped with the KB-5engine.


In 1956 the Meihatsu 125 Deluxe debuted.
1957 marked the production of the improved version of the KB-5 engine, the KB-5A. This was also the first year the "Kawasaki" logo was stamped into the engine side cover.

Meihatsu 125 Deluxe was said to be " A Durable Kawasaki Engine"
The Meihatsu 125 Deluxe (Kawasaki Meihatsu Industries) achieved a top speed of 81.5 km/h
at a motorcycle industry magazine test, setting a record for its category. In a separate test the Kawasaki engine proved phenomenal durability by running for 50, 000 km without breaking down.


In 1960 Kawasaki completed construction on a factory dedicated
exclusively to motorcycle production and sales of the
Kawasaki ‘125 New Ace’ commenced.


In 1961 sales of the Kawasaki brand motorcycles, the Kawasaki Pet and Kawasaki 125B7, commenced. Using the most advanced materials of the time, the curved surface compositions of these motorcycles gave them a high-sense of design.


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Re: Kawasaki History

Post by nan_gpz11 on Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:57 pm

Kekuatan dan ketahan engine kawasaki sudah terkenal sejak zaman berzaman..,model2 di atas saya xpernah tgk..:-D

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